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Winter D.E.C. Meeting Minutes Click Here



Team Kansas You can certainly do better !! It’s already September and over half of our Squadrons have yet to make a transmittal. In spite of that Kansas is at 19% of our goal. Imagine where we would be if all 121 Squadrons had transmitted !! Some simple math says we would be about 35% already. If you are reading this check the “Goose-egg” page and see if your Squadron is listed. If so, ask your Squadron Commander why no transmittal has been made. I would bet that almost every “Goose-egg” Squadron has membership in hand but just hasn’t taken the time to send in a transmittal. A Squadron still having a “goose-egg” is definitely NOT a badge of honor. Please collect your Squadron Officer’s dues and transmit them to Headquarters!! Very simple!! No more “goose-egg”!!


 Homecomings: Its District Homecoming season … please be certain you support your elected District Officers: American Legion, Auxiliary, and S.A.L. Homecomings are a great opportunity for “networking”, renewing acquaintances, and building a stronger Legion Family. Up-dated Squadron Officer Forms: There are still Squadrons that have not completed and sent an up-dated Squadron Officer Form for 2016-2017 to Topeka. The due date to Headquarters was July 1. A copy is included with this SALute should you need one.


Squadron Elections:

April it will again be time for all Squadrons to elect their Officers for the upcoming year. Article VII, Section 5, of the
Detachment of Kansas By-Laws specifies that Squadron will conduct annual elections and those elections shall be held during a regular
meeting not more than 60 days or less than 15 days prior to the Detachment Convention, and said officers shall be installed prior to the Detachment
Convention. This year’s Detachment Convention will be held on May 20, 2017 in Topeka. All Squadrons should complete the Squadron Officers Report Form and forward to Headquarters in Topeka. The Detachment Executive Committee has approved a revised Squadron Officers Form for reporting purposes. The revised Squadron Officer Form is enclosed in this month’s SALute for your use. Please insure your Squadron completes and
sends this form to Headquarters. It is due to Topeka by July 1, same as every year. Something new: A place on the form has been added for the e-mail address of your officers. Please be sure to complete this line it in. Very Simple. It is difficult to communicate if we can’t get ahold of you.

Canteen Coupon Books

The need for Canteen Coupon Books continues to rise. More and

more Veterans rely on the generosity of Posts, Units, Squadrons and

individuals to purchase personal items and even light meals when

hospitalized or while waiting for appointments at VA Medical

Centers. See the enclosed form at the back of this issue of SALute

and mail your Squadrons contribution to Department Headquarters.


LIT Insurance

There have been a few changes to the free Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance program. It is now called LegionCare and while it still pays $1,000 for an Accidental Death or Dismemberment, if the accident occurs while attending or traveling to and from an American Legion event or activity the benefit increases to $5,000. However, every member desiring coverage under the group must enroll, or re-enroll in order to extend or begin the term of their individual coverage under the group policy. Enrollment forms are available and enrollment can Be accomplished or verified at 1-800-235-6943 and on the web site . The No-Cost AD&D policy is just one benefit of your American Legion/Sons of The American Legion Membership. There is no obligation to purchase additional coverage.

Youth Programs : Boy’s State, Cadet Law Enforcement Academy

Both of these Youth Programs deserves your Squadrons support. Partner with your Post to help solicit high school student participation. Any easy way for your Squadron to support is to offer to pay the sponsor fee for a student(s) to participate in one of these outstanding American Legion youth programs.

2015 S.A.L. Accomplishments

Ever wonder what becomes of the info your Squadron provides on the Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR) ? Check out the page in this issue of SALute : “2015 S.A.L. Accomplishments” .

The numbers shown reflect what was submitted nationwide by S.A.L. Squadrons. Impressive..?

Only about 35% of Squadrons submitted reports… Think of what the numbers would be if ALL Squadrons submitted a CSR.


If I can be of any assistance feel free to contact me,

Don Culver

Adjutant, Detachment of Kansas

 Kansas S.A.L. Membership questions contact:    Michelle Johnston       Don Culver            

  Wes Wills   



Just a reminder all Squadrons are required to hold elections every year.  It’s not a suggested practice.  It’s part of your Constitution & Bylaws.  Once you hold your elections, make sure and fill out that Officers List and send it into Topeka.  NOTE: Even if all your officers are the same as last year or even many previous years, you still have to fill out the form and send it in.  Want to save a stamp?   SAL Officers List Online Form

On a side note, don’t forget about your Districts and Detachment.  They are always in need of officers as well.  If you have an interest in either the District or Detachment, make your interest known so somebody can help you fit into a roll you are interested in.  Not interested in being a District or Detachment Officer?  There’s always room in one of many Committee’s.  The Officers job is to conduct business for the Detachment.  The job of the Committee’s is to run our multitude of programs to insure their success.

If you are not signed up for, post-election would be a great time.  Download the form, have both the Post and Squadron Adjutants sign it and send it in.  It’s that easy.  From this site, you’ll be able to perform all your administrative duties, plus more.  Everything you did on the old Membership Data Form, can be done via this site.  You can look up membership status of your members and even create mailing labels if needed.  Please note though.  The Squadron Adjutant that signs up for this site, must verify their account every six months.  Not doing so, will result in the account being terminated.  Also, the individual that hold an account on is responsible for maintaining account integrity.

Consolidated Report

Of all the things we do, all year long, this Report is one of the most important.  We all work hard on fundraisers, volunteerism, and membership.  You get the satisfaction of helping that Veteran and/or Youth.  Why not get the credit and blow your horn.  It’s a great opportunity to show what all you do for your community, plus add to national numbers.  These national numbers are used by our leaders when they sit in front of Congress as a tool to insure our Veterans maintain the rights they deserve.  In the past, we’ve seen some really poor response to this report.  If you look at the numbers we report, just note that they only show about 30% of what they should be.  Just imagine the power of the numbers our Veterans could benefit from if we had more Squadrons reporting what they did through-out the year. 

Assistant Adjutant Wes Wills, will be working on rolling up all the reports to submit to National.  Feel free to contact Wes ( or myself if you have any questions.  The best practice is to track all your numbers through-out the year, which will make filling out this report much easier.  I do have a Spreadsheet available to assist you in tracking these numbers.  Feel free to contact myself to get a copy.  This form will also be available via our new website soon.

Website Changes

We are working to insure this site continues to be a valuable tool to everyone.  If this site isn’t a place where you can go to obtain information, then we are not doing our job.  If we are not doing our job, we want to know about it.  We would love to hear your suggestions.  Please send you suggestions to the Website Committee Chairman Wes Wills ( 



Are you familiar with Well National has released a version for the SAL! is now available to all Squadron's (at this time, only Squadrons). Fill out the printable form, and have your Post Adjutant sign it. Both the Post Adjutant and Squadron Adjutant's member ID's are verified by National and Department of Kansas.   There are many valuable tools available for Squadron's as far as maintaining your Squadron's database for mailings, keeping addresses up to date, etc. Any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.

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